Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fire station project

Today we worked more on some of last weeks concepts- Ee and Community. We also worked on our Fire Station project finally!.
History was about Community and Firefighters. We got on the computer and talked about them.

L.Arts was about the letters E and F. We wrote in Alphabet Book and then worked on writing the letter F in rice.

"Free Time" was working on her Fire Station project. We took a poster board (i cut it down) and then we pasted, cut, colored, etc on the board all about our trip to the Fire Station!

Science was skipped today

Math was learning more about the numbers 1-5 and counting- we played around with the beans.. I am going to come up with a small game for Candice to play, i think shell have fun playing it. We also played Dominoes today and worked on Matching. Matching was last weeks lesson. Then we also played Store with her play money to work on counting.
This was funny. Candice drew herself in the rice.

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