Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ideas and Things I learned

I picked up 2 books from the library about Homeschooling. I learned some neat things. I learned I am no different than anyone else on this journey. We all struggle, we all have high hopes, we all have this dream we want. Yet in the real world of Homeschooling, it doesnt always work that way. Thats OK! I had this idea that Homeschooling would be me sitting with Candice and shes just do a worksheet, not realizing I would be the one reading the directions to her and showing her how to hold a pencil, draw the letter, explaining letters and words. I think i thought " I graduated, im older, I dont remember this stuff, how can i teach her?" I still struggle with some things and teaching, but I realized that my initial "expectations" of my child were FAR beyond her. I was getting mad at her when she wasnt doing something not seeing, she cant do it. It is not a task she has learned. How can I get mad at her? Then I learned Adaptation. Homeschoolers need to adapt. I thought I needed to buy everything and every book out there and it would all just come into play, not so.

  • instead of saving links/books online- write them on an idex card and keep them in a box. All your resources on hard- no worry of your computer crashing!
  • Pocket Alphabet- take an old sheet/curtain and sew old pockets and place letters/items in pockets.
  • tape paper to wall and have child write standing up- teaches how to hold pencil right. 
  • Craft boxes- instead of watching TV, have them make a craft. Have LOTS of them!
  • Use a Bookshelf with school items.
  • have a basket for only library books
  • Put rice in a pan and teach spelling/writing
  • keep a portfolio of childs school work or blog
  • Start the day similar to Public school- talk about what youre going to talk about, start the lesson, do a project about it, then wrap up. 
  • A poor mans chalkboard is better than buying chalkboard paint. - blank construction paper
  • take an old cookie sheet and buy the magnetic letters- perfect way to learn! 

I REALLY like the idea for craft boxes, the problem with little ones is that they get into it non-stop. We have to go out Tuesday it will be interesting to see how to Homeschool out of the house. I think I am going to put a few key things in Candices backpack and let her go at it while we are waiting. So tomorrow is essentially another day off, but we'll see.
School today was working out of a workbook since we were out and about. She actually did really well matching the big letters with the little and then finding the like objects and pointing out whats different. She also read her Halloween book.

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