Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another good day

Today we did lessons outside! Part of it was because of Science, but it was also a nice day. History, we talked "Community" again. Asking Candice what "community" we live in, where certain places are in our town and why youd go there. Hospital, youd go if hurt, etc. Language Arts consisted of more spelling, writing the letter Ee and then more in her Alphabet Journal. I also got the pan and rice for her to write Ee tomorrow and I need to get the magnetic letters tonight.

Her "extra" was learning to dial 911. She is 4.5 and we feel she should be able to know what to do in the case of an emergency. We found an old phone and taped off the TALK button and 911. We told her why you dial 911 and what happens when you call. Then we acted it out
" 911, what is your emergency?"
" my mommy is hurt, can you help her?"
" yes, we will send an ambulance right away"

Science, was walking to grandpas pond and "observing" what we saw and writing it down in her Science Journal. She saw footprints, mud, waves (ripples), a splash, and that a rock sinks when thrown in.

Finally, for Math we did more number matching, which she is having some trouble with #3 and 5. She does really well with the dot cards, but not so much the number cards. I think even next week, we will work on it some more. She needs to be able to recognize the numbers and that sometimes the numbers dont look like 1,2,3,4, 5..they can look like other things but still be the numbers. Overall, she did good. She had a bit of trouble with Math when Lance tried to teach her but she did good. No FREE card, but no BAD card either.

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