Monday, October 11, 2010

A first WHOLE day!

Today is the first time Candice has completed all subjects and all of her work. She did it with a FREE card and NO bad cards! She will even get a special sticker later!

History- (community)

We practiced writing the letter Ee

She used a "poor mans chalkboard" and did Spelling

Then we did her Alphabet Book with the letter Ee

Free time was "Go Fish"

Math- (matching) Id draw numbers and she had to match up her number cards to the right numbers

Science is talking about observation and we went outside to the pond we have in the front yard. We talked about what animals are around the pond: bugs, plants, water. Then we talked about whats in the pond: Water, dogs (the dogs like to go swimming in it, ha!), fish. We didnt write it down in her science journal so i didnt take a picture, but tomorrow we will talk about changes to the pond- how the water rises and falls, how plants grow, etc.

Look at this AWESOME, completed chart!!

We went to the library tonight and I got 2 books, Homeschooling Take a Deep Breath- You can do this! and then a great book about resources... I have learned so much and I havent even had the books an hour, ha! Some thing in the activities book, i should of came up on my own but instead I have been focusing on "i have to buy this"... instead of buying beads and string to learn patterns-- use Fruit Loops and a shoe string or skewer. Ill write a post when i finish the books. :)

I like this quote from the Homeschooling TADB book:
Homeschooling parents need the ability to learn, not the ability to teach or even the ability to do the subject matter. 

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