Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daddy, Mommy does it better

I had a doctor appointment today so Lance took over lessons. Candice was less than thrilled. She wanted me to teach her, but I couldn't. I also wanted to see how Lance did. As long as I lay everything out he does ok though and he did. They got through her lessons until of course it came to math. She counted the dinner plated but refused again to count in Math. I am going to agree with the ladies on THL and narrow it down to boredom. Next week Math is going first and we will try and revamp it up. I also want to try and get Lance to teach more so we can avoid days like today.

Last Night I was looking at a great Homeschool blog and stumbled across Lapbooking. Seriously, I have no idea why i dont find this stuff sooner. I think we are going to start doing them on field trips and for her "extra" lessons. This week we are doing one on "Bugs". Ill have her read her Ant book and watch the movie on them and then look at the pics and make her LB.
As well as that, I moved ALL of our Homeschool stuff upstairs to one room. It is no longer on a shelf, in a box, in front of the TV. It is in a small old office. Candice has a desk, Lana has a desk, Each have a shelf of school stuff. It has worked wonderfully, so far.
New set up:

          Lanas area                        Workboxes           Candices area
I am going to start including Lana into the mix of homeschooling. Perhaps I need to get it down with Candice first but I feel like if Lana at 2.5 is standing there asking me to do lessons, I should take advantage of it. Right now its mostly sensory and independent things. I will eventually include some other things. I just want her to get the basic idea. I think maybe next year or the year after she'll be ready. I just hope it doesnt cause issues between Candice and Lana. They both are going to be Homeschooled but I dont want Candice to become jealous that we are including Lana.

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One Christian Mom said...

YES, YES, YES! Include her!!! Coloring, lacing kids, buildin blocks, tangrams (she doesn't have to make the puzzles, just play with them), play dough, etc. There are many thins she can do while sitting at her table to be included. Especially listingin in on lessons. My sons have picked up SO much just from sitting with us. When she is done, she will let you know, and then I would let her go. But if she wants to be included, LET HER! :)
God Bless.