Sunday, October 10, 2010

Free cards and bad cards, how they work for us

We use the workbox system for Candice's schooling. Its hard to sort of explain what it is suppose to be but in a nuthsell, you put a subject in a box and everything needed to do that subject for the day in there. Number the box and then as each box is completed, you put the number on a Schedule Strip.
Ours is a bit different. We have the boxes and numbers but we dont have "free time" boxes and extra things. Just the core subjects and an extra box for field trips. We do have a change though- FREE and BAD cards. I am asked a lot about them on THL so Ill explain them here for anyone who reads this from there (hey if you do, leave a comment please!)

There are 3 FREE cards, 3 BAD cards and about 14 Popsicle sticks with consequences on them in 2 cups.
FC are for when she does something really well or has a good day. I know she has trouble writing so she may get a FC if that day she does really well with writing. A FC will then get her to pick a stick from the cup that has "good" things in it. Extra TV time, Stay up 30mins.
BC are for the days when she is simply a 4yr old. She refuses to write when i know she can, she doesnt want to listen to the lesson, etc. A BC will get a stick from the cup that has "bad" things in it. No dessert, No computer time.

and so far this is actually working. She did really well with it last week. She realized when she got a BC, she wasnt getting any sympathy from me about her behavior. A FC meant she got to play her new Vsmile game, which she loves. I encourage anyone to try my method. Maybe it will work. A mom on THL does a similar thing when her son is out and about. She has a BC for when they are out, which she said I can steal that idea. I plan to use it. :) Thanks Heather from THL.

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