Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fire....Whooo Whooo

Thank you to the firefighters at Station 3 near Liberty Street downtown Cincinnati! 

Today we were downtown and on the way to an appointment saw there was a Firestation. We didnt intend on going today actually. Our appointment ran short and so we decided to pop in. Lance knocked on the door and we asked if they could show us around, being that we homeschool. Since we have been teaching Candice about Community Helpers this week, we thought this was a perfect opportunity. The woman who showed us around was SUPER sweet, Cami, thank you! She has little ones, so she explained everything to Candice in a way a 4 year old could understand. We saw the ladder truck, pumper truck, the tools they use, the hoses, the poles they slide down, their kitchen, their ambulance, even their fire BOAT! Who knew we had a fire boat?! Candice sat in the drivers seat and saw the lights, she stood next to their tires and saw their boots they wear. She tried on a firehat and even heard a real 911 call! She was excited! Lana really wasnt into it, but she had fun. Lance and I learned things we didnt know. There were 11 firefighters there and they work all day and all night then off, then on again. Candice really had a blast!
I think because of this, Lance finally understood what Homeschooling is about, really about. He saw the way Candice was learning and he was about to learn along side her. I asked him if in public school, he ever went to a firestation and of course the answer was no. This is why we homeschool. This is REAL learning at its best. 

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