Friday, October 15, 2010

Encyclopedias and ABCs

Today on Freecycle I picked up a 1977 full set of World Encyclopedias. How awesome?! This will greatly help in homeschooling! We can now add another resource other than the internet!

Then today for school, we didn't do much, Lance was sick and I just wanted a day off. We did work on magnet letters. We took the fridge letters and made simple words in the pan. Then we matched up the letters. A to A, etc since I bought 2 sets of letters.We also did basic review over everything. Today is friday so Candice got a sticker (for every 4, she gets $1). Then she got a Free Card - "Special Outting". I am thinking maybe we can go somewhere tomorrow, not sure where.
We also re-vamped our set up. We have had several. I still have the workboxes but we re-did how its all set up. I moved the bookshelf from the girls room and put it next to the computer, I put the encyclopedias on top, the basket of extras on the 1st shelf, then workboxes 1-3 on the next shelf and baskets 4-5 on the bottom. Works MUCH better! I still need to get a few more supplies (craft things mostly) and then I still really want to find Candice a small desk.

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Susan Evans said...

I love my set of encyclopedias, too! Whenever we come across something we don't know about while homeschooling, we look it up and read about it.