Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lesson Plans- Getting ready for the week

I thought I'd show how we get ready for the next upcoming week.
I pull out my Lesson Plan binder. Right now I have 5 weeks in it, but I need to print off more pages. I like to plan ahead in advance. You never know what will happen. I look at what Candice is suppose to learn about.

Then i pull out all of the workboxes and empty them from the last weeks things. I am still working on a portfolio to put her things in, but I think i will just use a Manilla folder for now
Then looking at my binder I put new things in each box.

Then put the boxes back on the shelves and Im all ready :)

Thats all there is to it. Look up workboxes if you havent. They can be a great help! There are a few things we need to re-do this week that I will add on to this weeks lesson, The Little "e", finish our Science Lesson, and then finish our Firestation Poster.

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