Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not Back To School Blog Hop (Curriculum)

Well its time for the Not Back To School Blog Hop! Its Curriculum this week so lets get started!

Candice: (2/3rd grades)
Bible: Positive Action Bible 2
Math: Saxon 2
Reading: Beyond The Code 1-4
Writing: A Reason For Handwriting C
Spelling: A Reason For Spelling B
Art: Artistic Pursuits 2
Science: Apologia Astronomy
History: Story Of The World 1
Music: Guitar

Lana: (K/1st grade)
Bible: Positive Action Bible 1
Math: Rod And Staff 1
Reading/Phonics: Rod And Staff 1
Writing: Rod And Staff 1
Science: with Candice
History: with Candice
Art: with Candice

 Everything is pretty set and Im over all happy. The only thing we are completely changing is Reading for Candice (from ETC) and Writing (from AOP Horizons Penmanship 2).

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Stefanie said...

Looks like a wonderful year!!

Popping in from the blog hop.