Sunday, January 27, 2013

The monster who steals supplies!

I cannot imagine a teacher with 28 students how many supplies they go through! Parents must get so frustrated to buy 20 boxes of crayons, as well as 10 more half way through the year! I can relate. I only homeschool 2 children and yet we are constantly missing supplies! Where did the extra glue stick go or how is the blue marker missing? I have no idea. I think there is a monster and he eats them. Thats the only explanation I can come up with. Perhaps the dust bunnies are friends with him and they have a feast?
It doesnt seem to matter if we only have 1 box of supplies or a china cabinet full (which we have), there is something missing. I do what most parents do though, I buy more in hopes of fixing the problem. Then that stubborn monster pops up again and I have to keep buying more. Its never the same thing either. He never eats 2 blue markers in a row. Sometimes he tricks me and completely eats the container but most times hes very selective. Most recently its 2 blocks of our 10 bases for Math. Now why he'd choose those and not something more appealing I dont know. I think he wants the girls to count to 98 rather than 100. Maybe 98 is a better number?

Until this magic monster is found (who by the way is WANTED) I will just have to keep buying supplies. Who ever said its cheaper when Homeschooling must not have this guy at his house.

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