Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not Back To School Blog Hop: School Room Week!

We school in the dining room. I would LOVE a school room, but living in an apartment makes that hard.


Here is where the everyday books/supplies are held. It is a piano bench I turned into a table bench. 

Behind the table is the kitchen and I have our Homemade Chalkboard on the side of the fridge.


We have a white wardrobe that my parents gave us in the living room that holds the supplies and books. 

top: K curriculum books/1st grade curric/2nd grade curric
Middle: rod im going to eventually put bags of manipulatives
bottom: 3 drawer=paper/brown basket=Lana's Busy Basket/green pail=extra supplies IE: rubber bands, etc/2 red pails=journals, notebooks, etc/Grey tool box=extra school supplies IE: crayons, pencils, etc/Green cooler= Manipulatives

and finally I have research books in our Buffet table that has our TV sitting on it in the living room. No picture of it though sorry.


Laura said...

Good job making what you have work for you. I love your homemade chalkboard on the side of the fridge- such a creative use of your space! Have a great year of learning!

Robin E. said...

Just popping by from the NOT Back to School Blog Hop.

I love your piano bench storage!