Thursday, July 12, 2012

Subtraction Splash!

Candice is breezing through the Subtraction book without issue and this makes me really proud! We have about 1 week left of the book and then well touch on the addition book. I have a feeling shell breeze through that too. She seems to have some issues with spelling though. She is claiming she doesnt know the sounds so we need to work on that again. 1 Step forward 12 back. Well get there, im not worried.
Today, we met another CHEC mom, Cathy, who I actually had no idea I already knew! I knew her from Chec College Hill! Small world. This is funny because this is Brooklyns mom from Homeschool Summer Camp! Well we went to the splash park at Sharon Woods and everyone had a blast!! We even talked to a mom interested in homeschooling! Hopefully we converted her, ha!
Also, for a funny. My bumper sticker I made awhile back. Ya know the one that says " We Homeschool because the public schools suck"...well, I was at Subway today and pulling out. I got stopped and it was because the woman read it and couldnt stop laughing and agreeing. :D

All is good in my world.

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