Friday, July 6, 2012

Co-Op Coming up!

I found the girls a Co-Op through West Branch Learning Tree Co-Op in Cheviot. So far, I LOVE the group. We havent even met yet and I LOVE it. I signed Lana up for a L.Arts class and Candice for Ballet. The bible class was at the same time as the Ballet, so we couldnt do both. I planned it to where we can have lunch with the kids too. It will be every Monday starting in September!! It is kind of expensive $210, but we will make it work. Some how. It can count as Gym for Candice since I have to "register" this school year. Ugh, dont remind me. I am hoping we can get in on a Science Co-Op or some sort of activity still.

Lessons lately have been on Boston Tea Party and Bible Stories. I LOVE Libertys Kids. We have been watching via You Tube. They have the DVDs but I dont know if well get them.

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