Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More choices/Mazes+Dots

and so after looking at Ohio's CRAZY homeschooling laws, I have decided to add Science and History to the mix. However, im going to try to go for the basics that Lana and Candice can do together. The choices I keep seeing over and over are:

  1. A Beka Discovering Gods World (science)
  2. Story Of The World Vol 1 (social studies)
  3. My Body (SC)
  4. Road Trip USA (SS)
  5. The Magic School Bus kit (SC)
  6. Berenstain Bears kit (SC)
I actually think the Magic School Bus and Road Trip would be neat and easy. I like The Body but I think its too blah. I LOVE ABeka and SOTW but the price tag makes me rethink as well as i wonder if Lana can do it alongside us?
On a side note, I picked up a Games On-The-Go Vol 1 book from Walgreens and Candice is able to do every Maze with ease and ever Dot Game with ease. She needs to work on Word Searches and Hangman, but id say at 5, a maze and dot game is pretty good!

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