Saturday, April 9, 2011

The work and surprises begin.

Friday, we worked out of the Math Workbook, she did really well except when it came to "Which has Less?" Saturday, the kids went to the library and did an Easter craft. Oh the vast differences in each! Lana's does not look like a bunny, Candices looks very well put together and Nathans, well the librarian ended up doing his. Candice and I worked on reading, we got 2 simple "beginner readers" and we sounded out the words and began to explain that letters make up words. She did better when some of the words were replaced with pictures. Then we got out the wipe off board and I wrote some simple words and I wrote the phonetic and actual spelling and then had her write the actual spelling. She began to understand how to sound out words. (I did find out Nathan can sound out the syllables in words but is not quite able to put them all together yet). She worked on Zoodles and we played Dont Wake Daddy. And the surprise? She counted to 20 OUTLOUD! Ok, Lance helped her a tiny bit when shed get stuck on a number, but she knew about 98% of them!

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