Friday, April 8, 2011

Placement Tests begin.....and the results are in.

We started some simple placement tests for Candice today to see if we should do Kindergarten or 1st grade. We know we can still work with her and catch her up, but we need to see where she is now.
The results as of today:
Horizons Math: Part A PASS Part B FAIL - K part 2 rec
K12 Math: Part 1 PASS Part B FAIL - K part 2 rec
Saxon Math: Part A PASS - K rec

K12 L.Arts: Part A PASS Part B FAIL - 1st grade

So we need to work on skip counting, money, numbers 11-20+, etc and L.Arts she just needs to begin understanding simple words, syllables, etc. If we can get her on 1st grade Math and Kindergarten L.Arts, id be OK with that.

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