Sunday, October 31, 2010

My how it has changed! Homeschooling that is~

When I was a child, I use to go down into our basement and play "School". I had a chalkboard and old textbooks, I was always the teacher. I dreamed of being a teacher. It didn't change much. Most kids go from Teachers, Astronauts, Nurses, Mommies, etc. I pretty much mantained a teacher. I had no idea this is how my dream would come true and until the 1st Good day we had, I had no idea this IS my dream!
I graduated Highschool without the goal of college, started a family, and then attempted college for Deaf Studies. I thought " I can teach deaf people", but I wasn't content and it didn't work out for our family for me to stay in school. Feeling defeated I just thought, " oh well". Then Homeschooling came into play. I am a teacher. I am teaching. No I am not getting paid, but I am still doing what I love. Isn't that what its about? A Dream? A Passion? Doing what you love day after day no matter what? Times have been hard, frustrating, busy, chaos, yet joyful! Pure Joy. That is not something I believe a degree could of prepared me for. I dont think college could teach that.
We have gone from simple lesson plans- Notice the X's all over the week.

to busy, chaos! This is this coming week!

and now we have almost 1/2 a wall covered in stuff and a file folder filling up as well.

This is what a dream is. This is Homeschooling. This is me as a teacher and I LOVE it. <3

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