Monday, November 1, 2010

I am Indian

No pictures from today, but heres what we did. It actually went really well until my mom called and then Candice was easily distracted.

Math was sorting. We talked about if you have a group of things, group the like ones. She breezed through this. These are the kinds of things, I am dont know how we will make them stretch because she gets bored after a day. I know we have to at least review though.
L.Arts was the letter Ii. She did really well, except she doesnt understand the top line and bottom line of a Big I needs to be the same size. We drew them, wrote them in rice and then did her alphabet book.
Her "Extra" was Fall. We spelled it and talked about what it is. I am thinking tomorrow we will do some leaf art.
Science was about the body. We talked about the brain, heart and lungs. Lance did this part, so I am not sure what exactly she retained, ha.
History we talked about Indians, and she was interested but I think a bit bored by now. We did lessons late tonight and she doesnt do as well when we do them late.

All in all it was a good day and she got a free card- Extra Baking, so I think we will make some cookies tomorrow and then maybe something extra!

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