Sunday, October 24, 2010

A new Group

I have been thinking about starting my own Homeschool group since going to the one in Milford. I just didnt find the vibe I needed/wanted. I am thinking more like LLL. I am thinking of a yahoo group (east side) and (west side). East Side meeting in Eastgate and West in Colerain. OR a general meeting at the church in Colerain. I havent decided but I know meetings would be 1x a month and then wed use the time to plan things for that month. There would not be a membership fee or anything like that. I am thinking of a group pot. We would put in money and then when we decide where we'd like yo go, divide up the pot. That way if someone doesnt have the money, they are covered. I just feel like this is on my heart. Who knows if it will happen, but its an idea.

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