Monday, October 25, 2010

Hh success!

Today was an AWESOME day.
We started out with Math. i got this great Usborne book at the library.

Then we did L.Arts, which we worked on the letter H. We are only working on capital letters right now and then well go back and do lowercase, well candice will ask to do the little ones. Like today. I told her Big H is 2 lines from high to low and a line across to say hello! Then for little h, a line from high to low and then a rainbow. She actually did it! A PERFECT little h! She got a FREE card for that and got an extra sticker, which meant she had 4 and we could get a $1 toy! She got a sound stick!

We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom today, by the way, they make a Chicka Chicka 123 that is great! We also read The Real 3 little pigs story. I had Candice color too just to waste a bit more time. I wasnt really prepared today. We also did some worksheets on More/Less. she actually did REALLY well, especially when I had a manipulative like beans.

After that we read her insect book and we skipped History today. I also moved our school room around, just the desks so they both face me now.

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