Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day Off

Today we took the day off. For one because the library was closed so i couldn't print worksheets and two because I needed to regroup. We need refill on our printer ink. I also found a great resource with worksheets www.abcteach.com Very good and the worksheets are not to hard at all for Candice. They even have tests on there to see how the child is doing, which I think will be good.

Tonight we pulled the play-doh out and went to town. Play-doh usually is 1 color in 1 container. Not in this house. There is a variety of red, neon green, brown... and yet it still works. We used cookie cutters (Thrift Store find) and made hearts, men, and butterflies. I am thinking we should make the homemade play-doh. I assume the cost/volume would be a better deal. Plus, Lana has a thing for eating it or trying to.

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