Monday, March 4, 2013

Worrier Wart

This is not our first year. I swear by it. You'd never know it because of all the worrying I do. Is Candice behind? Is Lana learning enough? Do we need 20 sets of Ten Base? Lately though it has been about our first time with End Of The Year Assessment/Testing. VERY stressful! I know Ill look back next year and say " What the heck was I so worried about? " but right now Im worried! im freaking out!
I thought we would do the portfolio and we are but then I wonder what her "ability" is? I wonder how my teacher looking over it will see things (Thank you catherine!). I wonder if i need a 2nd opinion? Then I thought, maybe I should do the IOWA test so I know WHERE Candice is? Should we move on to 2nd grade? Go back to Kindergarten? The problem is the slow progress. Im not going to lie, we dont do school every day 9-3 BUT we also dont skip days on end and never learn anything. Candice does not know how to skip count, which would be covered on the IOWA.
So what do I do? I have no idea! I have to do something. I am leaning towards doing the portfolio and testing her but testing her to just see where she is and not worry about it. If she flunks it, then she does. If she surpasses my expectations, than great! Im not turning in the results. Of course I want the results to say shes at LEAST on level 1.7 (which is the max level for the test shed take) but in my heart Im not sure. Id honestly say 1.1-1.5 if i had to bet money on it. Only because I think she will actually do better on the reading than math. 1.5 for reading and 1.1 (or lower) for Math. It goes as low as K.7).

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