Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Catch me if you can

Its been slow progress here. Candice is having trouble with her doubles (7+7, 8+8, etc) so we are not moving on in Math until she gets them down. The book will move on to subtraction when she does get the facts down. She has really taken off with reading. I just wish shed find a book that REALLY drives her!

In other news- Candice is looking for a new Scout group if anyone knows of one. For a few reasons we pulled her out of the troop.

As a family we started attending Crossroads and they have a MOMS group there, much like MOPS. Its more biblical but still a good group. Im not leaving MOPS though, in fact im hoping to become a DGL next year! Im sad it will be our last year. I know Candice and Lana have really enjoyed it.

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