Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Id say Ballet is a hit!

Candice is doing Beginning Ballet and Lana is doing Creative Movement. Thanks to Brooklyn from Homeschool Summer Camp, we are doing Ballet on Saturdays. Then thanks to Louise on The Well Trained Mind, she sent Candice some awesome Ballet attire. I also found things for Lana at MOPS sale!

Without further ado, here is pic overload!!!!!!

Lana twirling (playing around before class)

Candice twirling (again before class)

Both girls doing first position on the wall. (this was candices class but Lana wanted to join in!)

Candice doing a ballet position- i forget the name but its 1st position when they dip down

Lana watching Candices class

Lana doing a kick (shes in the back ;))

lana showing excitement in dance

Lana circle time

working on positions on the wall

Lana showing tired through dance

candice playing with a lego horse during lana's class

Lana dancing with a scarf (and her teacher)

lana and scarf

She LOVED the scarf

What a pretty Ballerina!

After class 

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