Monday, December 19, 2011

I See Cat

Candice can officially write a sentence!!!!! I started working with her on Spelling and what i call "Sight Words". I picked up a book of Common Words and i have been working with her on spelling. We started with I See.

I See Cat. I See hat. I See Mommy. I See Daddy. I See Candice. I See Lana.

We also got a new dining room table which is 10x bigger than the old one- PERFECT for Homeschooling! Our old one sat 4 (barely) and this one sits 6 and with a leaf could easily sit 9. We need chairs though, but the old ones work ok.

Hanukkah is this week and we still dont have all the gifts or Menorah. Candice will gladly tell anyone "We dont celebrate Christmas".

Lana is working on writing her letters, we are working on Letter L. she pretty easy to teach. We showed her once and she got it.

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