Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time for an update!

Schooling has and is on hold. Mostly because of the move and then because we need to save up money. Im still trying to decide on a solid curriculum. I was leaning towards Horizons but since we have been doing more of an unschooling approach, im not so sure a workbook would be a good idea. Lately, I have been going to the library and randomly picking up things to teach. Last week was Hurricanes/Droughts/ Rainforests and How rain is made. We just read books on it, no lessons.
Candice still needs review on the basics. She can write 1/2 the alphabet, though knows all of it. She can count to 15 if asked, 20 if pushed and needs to re-work adding/subtracting, but can do it with manipulatives with ease. Lana knows basic colors, count to 10, knows her alphabet, and basic shapes. She needs to work on basic writing and then just phonic basics. Nathan is doing ok I guess. He doesnt talk about school much, which to me is concerning.
We also recently went to the Art Museum and we did a scavenger hunt with the girls.

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