Tuesday, January 25, 2011

International Sit Down and Homework is the enemy.

This week we are trying to focus on numbers and continents and oceans. Well come to find out the Earth has 5 oceans and I could not figure that out. I knew 4 but not 5. Antarctic Ocean is just as important but I did not know it was an ocean. As the last post says, Candice thinks the Indian ocean is full of Indians. She ok with the continents, but needs help labeling them. I tried to include dolls and say " this elephant is from Asia" but I think she thought it was more entertaining than educational.

Homework is the enemy. She does not like homework, but then again what kid does? Its hard and you dont really have help. We are only giving her some worksheets but she fights us.

As well tomorrow, I am going to skip the younger Library Class and go to the Afterschool Program. Its for older kids and I think she will get along better in it. Its from K-4th rather than Preschool. They actually do a craft and talk rather than read a book.

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