Tuesday, November 23, 2010

finishing, new group and new week

We finished last weeks lessons with a bang. Then we have moved onto this weeks. This week should be easy for Candice. Yesterday we introduced everything- Shapes, Letter V, Exercise, Hanukkah and Colonies. Today we are working on more of the same but i pulled out our Menorah and Dreidel and will work more on Colonies. She also has a bit of trouble writing V. She makes it more of a U. Though she understands its a V and not a U. Lana did lessons yesterday too- Play Doh, Dominoes and Letters.
And as far as a new group. I must be crazy. I have to be picky. Maybe I am seeking this perfect Homeschool group for Candice and I and its just not out there. CHEC, Im sorry but it was a waste. The Milford Group was a joke- Social Hour for the moms. Then Mt Orab was better, Candice LOVED it! However, it was mostly for older kids. I was paying $2 (plus gas and time) for Candice to paint with other kids. She couldnt do music because she wasnt in 3rd grade. Plus the 1 day we actually stayed for lunch, no one sat next to us. Now, maybe I am being picky or judgmental- which im really trying not to be anymore, but why cant we find a good mix? I looked around today and found HSN of Cincinnati. I like they have activities a lot, in fact, every Monday. I called the Kentucky Group and Ohio. The women- Benita and Jill are super sweet. I told them Im looking for LLL (La Leche League) and Activites combined. They led to me to believe this is what they are. PLUS- its only $5 to join! Thats pretty good if you ask me. I made sure to ask if there are other Kindergardeners as well. I have to send in the $5 and then wait 5 weeks. Not bad.
THEN someone on Homeschool Lounge, Sandi, recommended maybe MOPS. (moms of preschoolers) and then told me they have MOMSnext (moms of school aged kids). I called/emailed and Im waiting on an email/call back. They meet in Milford, so thats good. The problem is that they are sort of pricey- $50-$70. I have a feeling they may not work out- just because of my experience with "Moms clubs"- its like Milford CHEC, Social Hour. However, I have heard good things about MOPS. Plus, its not about me- its about Candice.

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